Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sapa kata buat flash senang?:P fewh!!i made this
intensive course tau..on my own!!heh..sangat penat!!
urgh!!!people sure go like "apa yang penat sangat?"
:( ntah..i pun tak tahu la..i mean..i'm just doin
the website la kan..but its not as easy as people
think sebab i hafta do sumting like simple but
yet user friendly and a bit catchy!woah!!how m i
supposed to do dat?!i mean..how can u make sumting
simple but catchy?huhuhu..but seb baik la ada
eskrem guy ;) thanks to ice cream guy! :D haish~
one thing yang buat i taleh lupa about this ice
cream guy is when he seems to know wat to say..to
make me feel better..huhuh..susah kan? :D but as
pee said la..just go with the flow and anggap him
as fren..and see how far it goes..

haiyo..penat la..heuheuheu..penat ngan keje ke..
penat ngan ape..? :D anyways,saw this on the net :
Motivasi hari ini : Obstacles cannot crush me;
every obstacle yields to stern resolve.
**** -- Leonardo da Vinci

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

wah!!!i am s0oo happy :D yesterday was baby babe's
birthday..so0o..supposedly she la yang patut dapat
hadiah rite..? :P but then..yesterday Too..i did
sumting st0oopid!!but fewh!it was close la..hehe
i thot i made the dumbest mistake ever!!(yep..its
definitely has to do with da-da *sigh*)

anyways..dahla i missed this stoopid bus on the
way nak balik umah..i end up jalan kaki all the
way from secret recipe..actually half way jer..n i
was saved by this bus la..hehe..i was damn tired
and sleepy (serious tersengguk2 dalam bas) and as
s0oon as i stepped into my house..i saw dis envelope
wif my name on it..i was s0oo excited coz i knew
instantly dat its from my japanese fren!!yukichunk!
gosh!!serious buat i rasa nak balik jepun tau!! :'(

she gave me letters (she wrote it in malay!!) and
she gave me a card,pictures!! and this cute lil
cat handphone strap!!sangat baik!!tau jer i love
cats!! *isk*isk* thanks yukichunk!! u made my day

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Monday, May 22, 2006

today is my babe sis' birthday!!ala..geramnyer!!
serious ingat nak post her birthday gift..but dah
lambat aa.. :( ni sumer gara2 my work la..but i
believe if i'm azz..sure dah siap dalam kotak..
siap pos laju..tapi takleh la dear..my work is
like this freaky geek yang takde masa nak siap
kan all those things..takpe sis..i wait till u
come back then i give your cute lil gift okke..
altho she tak baca pun my blog..hehe..

to feena afhzan fadzlan shah..happy birthday
dear!may Allah bless you and may u have a rocking
birthday bash okke!! (^3^) mwaxzzz!!!!miss u like
M.A.D!! :p take care there~

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

hey..hey..its my babe's birthday!! :) yep..
jid abdullah!!happy birthday!!(19/5)miss you
babe!!hehe..since i dont have internet at
home..so hafta come to work first then i
can make an entry..especially for you!!;)
sorry dear since this entry is a bit late
and i sent u sms..actually lela dah bagi
the number like before 20th of may..but
masa tuh dah 20th pagi in malaysia :D so
anyways babe!!happy birthday and may Allah
bless you!!may u have a great celebration
ok..thanks for being such a cute n cuddly
fren ;) mmmwwxzzz!!!can't wait till u come
back okey!!then we hang out!!yeay!!(^3^)
~get well soon okay...take care!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

urgh!!!i have NO idea!!can anyone gimme idea?!!
gosh!!this is killing me..i mean...after 2 weeks
working here..i realized dat the only thing yang
keep me going on and surviving is responsibility
..i mean..doing practical is to be graded after
the practical la kan..?and i thot doing a website
using ur own originality is easy..gosh!!how i wish
i know how 2 use the flash!!but as nano said..flash
is only making your page go slow masa nak view..so
yeah..macam la semua orangnya pc RAM dia macam
pc i kan?!hehe..no offends aaa..my pc,RAM dia
704MB okkiee..hehehe...

yesterday memang bosan giler..nano nak lagi 3
template need to be done so by next week bley
settle pasal website..i rasa i dah design nak
dekat doploh design..tapi color scheme tak kenala
plak..so kenala cari idea!memang konpem i kena
design website untuk FEC International (M) Sdn
Bhd officially!!urgh!!dengar officially pun i dah
cuak!!dat is damn serious HUGE responsibility!!!
so tengah tension2 ni seb baik pee online..borak2
ngan dia although mata ni meliar checking..takut
buchou rounding :D kat sini i dah macam nippon
clan..pagi2 masuk opis..ohayougozaimasu..tak kira
melayu cina serani jepun..huhuhu..nak pegi rehat..
kalau i or anybody keluar awal daripada yang lain..
kena cakap :osakini..i takmo jadi jepun celup..so
jadila mat salleh celup so i pun cakapla: i go
for lunch first aa..hehe..boleh la tuh ;) and
then nak balik..kena cakap : otsukaresamadesu..
huhu..sangat berhemah eh?:)

gosh its friday!!!weekends here i come!!! ~* nak
tengok the da vinci code (^0^) woo-hoo!!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

well..today..i do nothing..hehe..well not yet
maybe..coz i just submitted the two templates
i did..but however..i dont think it's as cool as
the one nano made before..but he said he likes
the 1st design..but the woman's head in the
template was a lil bit too big..hehe..maybe dia
big headed kut..'besar kepala'..haha..

hmmm...today is a happy day :D spoke to da-da;)
hehe..u know i'm happy when i dapat ym wif him..
sure orang ingat i gila..sebab i duk gelak and
smiling kat table sorang2..hehe..besides dat..i
got nasi lemak from simon and o-sushi from sofia
chunk..domou!!dah lama giler i tak makan sushi..
for like 3 months agaknya..wait..or was it 4
months.. :D and yeay!!it really made my day..

oh-oh..suddenly nano came to my place and checked
my work..and NO..he wasn't satisfied with my work
:'( biasala tuh..ingat senang ke nak buat website.
well..anyways..after i gave him my other 2 designs..
he wants me to do another 3!!aiyo~ seriously?!! i
am like so0o xde idea tau..huhu..nak nangis boleh ?
:'( tapi xde maknenyer nangis pun.hehe..okke..nak
sambung kije... ;)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

im counting down the minutes till balik at
the mo..there's lebih kurang ONE HOUR to go!!
huhu..today's quite boring and i dont know why
i feel s0oo tired :( maybe its more to boredom
kut..but tadi sempat chat ngan fiza..so like
not that boring la..sent lela email and emails
to my sensei in japan.wishing them happy teacher's
day..oh-oh!!to my favourite kakak ipar :D happy
teacher's day dee-dee!!i remembered being the
one who's responsible to called kak diana,dee-dee.
;) dee-dee sounds cute kan?even the ice-cream
guy i called da-da..hehe..i think its kinda cute:p

anyways..since nano asked me to make another 2
templates for the company's website..i hafta
another two la..which im done doing it rite now..
sebab tuh i dah bored..coz dah takde benda nak
buat..nano plak pi klia..well..hafta show him
tomorrow la..i pun satu hal..dapat keje..buat
cepat2..hehe..orang buat la lambat2 kan..so dat
keje tak banyak..heheh.bagusla tuh..alhamdulillah.
i am getting better with dreamweaver and fireworks!
tinggal flash jer..serious..i kena belajar la..
if tahu..sure kewl :D

oh..btw,where is azz?haiya minah..lama tol tak
memblogkan diri eh?hehe..harini freedom kan? :)
good for you ;) enjoy babe!!as for me..my
freedom has just been ripped off by my supervisor.
hehe..haish!!cepatla!!i am so0oo looking forward to
meet da-da..i need sumone to lighten me up ;)
oh..HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers!! (^__^)

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Monday, May 15, 2006

fewh!!i had a great rest!!spoke to kaem..we both
agreed that even studying in uni is not as tiring
as working..although we just sit and staring at
the pc in the office but we still feel tired like
we went marathon the whole day!haha..seriously..
it is s0oo tiring.even we had this 4 days holidays
and STILL we went sleeping like shit!lol..

well..cest la vie~ trust me..when u start working
in future..u will miss ur student's life..i did!!
although its been only a week..i feel like lazy
like shit je nak pegi keje..hehe...the only thing
made me going on is..nothing!!heh!but yes...wat to
do..bak kata celine dion..life goes on... ;)haish..
since intern ni..my plan to send feena birthday
parcel pun tergendala..nak mintak tolong lela..
seganla plak kan :P sebab takut alang pun bz.. :(
by then today pun dah 14th may..dah tak sempat dah!!
urgh!!!imagine real world nanti!am i gonna forget
every single dates?!:p

oh..esok ice cream guy ada exam..yep!after 5 days..
decided to check on him..and he WAS busy and all..
but he never failed to cheer me up ;) haish!!susah..
sangkut ngan orang punya *beep* hehe..dou suru~ ?
BUT im in my rehabilation period..hah!getting over
*beep*..nyehehe..dekiru ka nurenchunk?! (^__-)v

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

its been 4 days now..i had been doing my practical
here in FEC International (Malaysia)..its been
quite interesting actually..because i have NO
idea to use the dreamweaver and now i KNOW!!gud
4 me,huh?;)

well..today i came in early coz ikut papa pegi
ofis so yep!!hari2 kena bangun 6.30am which i am
s0oo..not used to it (+_+) so now..my bodyclock dah
lari gile..urgh!!!anyway..today i makan this nice
cute lil bread..im not sure should call it bread
or wat..and yes..berpermandangankan..hehe..betul ke
my BM?huhuh..anyways berpermandangankan KLCC..
it is so0oo beautiful..shiawase naa.. ;)

oh..let me tell you about my workplace..its a FEC
International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and its a RFID
company..its radio freequency identifications i tink
:P so i am here to do my practical..in front of
my desk is Abumi Ayako,she's like a PA and beside
me is Honda..macam kete la plak :P and there's like
many interesting people..like nanonano..dats my sv,
and there's fukuda,yamada,ferrie,cat,and err...dah
tak ingat nama..hehehe...well..esok cuti and i got a
due date until next tuesday!!i GOT to do a new website!
nano is s0oo hoping dat i will learn sumting..and
nisa chang!! i am s0oo clueless about dreamweaver..
balik umah kena buat homework..huhu ;) nurenchunk!!
miss u!! and my faveret gals..u know the three of u..
miss you guys like hell!!! urgh!!lel..i need u to
comfort me ;)

~suddenly missing abg ice cream :P

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

how is it like to be an alien in an alienated
world?have you ever feel dat way?it reminds me
of my japanese speech : "gochiujin" : alien.
well..i am definitely in that situation right
now..seriously..im surrounded by japs (macam
perang la plak ) :P and i am left alone to do
my task..huhuh

well actually i was asked to learn dreamweaver
on my own..can u believe it?!i had never learnt
dreamweaver as in using the html..and now..i
kena belaja sendiri and serious blur!!with my
supervisor not aroun!!!its driving me crazy..i
been staring at the pc for the past er..6 hrs?!
and nada!!i been dragging and doing the wrong
thing as in hello?!!

i dunno wat to do and i dont know to whom shud
i refer to..nano is not aroun so im like this
burung tanpa sayap.huhuh..pepatah apa la tuh :P
nano is the name of my supervisor.kewl ain't it?
and he went out..and now..im CLUELESS!!help!!
so much of my happy ending~ urgh!!i want my

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hehehe..i am still smiling until now..and yes!!
it was my 99.9% perfect d... ;) it was really funi
coz i wasnt ready when he picked me up..yep!!this
is not like not ready wearing the shoes or wat..im
like STILL choosing wat to wear!!hehe..last2 i just
grabbed a shirt and wallah! in 5 mins..i was ready!
but no!!my tudung was like senget bengot and er..
i tak pakai bedak! sempoi!! hahaha

and there he was..waiting la kan..hehe..cian..we
hafta go by my sis' car.sebab the taxi driver was
rude enough and told him to turun sebab the
taxi driver taknak tunggu i..siot tol!!huhuhu..
lantak la kan..and then we pun sampai our venue
and bam! it was helluva!!!!nyehehe.but funny thing
is..he asked me..where do i wanna go..i said wat..
"toilet.."..huhuhu...i really2 hafta do sumting
about my tudung and face la kan?!!so he was smiling
and waited outside..hehehe..buat malu je..and then
we went for lunch and it was really nice la..but
the irony part is dat..we never talked when we were
in school ( barely.. ) but i had a grreaattt!! time
dat day ;)

he said..if it wasnt me who is talkative.. (am i
talkative pee? ) he wouldnt know wat to borak..
i should say..i make people feel comfortable.. :D
i cant help it ;) hehehe..i wont be filling up all
the details coz its like me exagarrating and all :D
but i surely had a great time ;) have u guys watched
salon? heheh..he's my 99.9% perfect d... (like
pierre andre said to chelsea.. got it?) *wink2*

why is it 99.9% perfect..?because he's taken :( *haish*

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