Thursday, April 27, 2006

fewh!!its finally over!!!my finals are finally
OVER!!OWARI!!!!i had been waiting for this..
few weeks ago had been TIRING!!!i had been
sleeping aroun 4-6am..every single day and i
can' barely take the pressure any is
S0o0oo tiring!!and fewh!!alhamdulillah..its over;)
and it had been an interesting week too!!hmmm..
got a date.and definitely with the 'kamu' guy ;)
yeap..i surely can't wait :D and pee..i got juicy
story for you ;) and u better tell me about ur
3rd date :D yatta!!!!!shiken owatta!!!! (^0^)/

hmm..nak wat ape ek habis exam? ;P nak gi dating
la..hehehehe ;P

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