Friday, April 28, 2006

fewh!!wat a day i had was really funny!
ok so i barely sleep the night before and i got this
paper at 8.30am!!gosh!!it was s0o..stressful but well
im ready to do all out for my LAST abis
paper..i rushed back to college coz i need to get my
SLEEP!!suddenly my iran fren smsed me: "do you want
to go to kelantan with us today?its at 6.15pm.i can
buy you a ticket.." erk!!i was taken aback..guilty pun
ada..sebab i was really tired and i really really need
my asked my parents and they were fine with
it since my hometown is in kelantan la di atas
dasar kesian and sounded fun..travelling with
2 foreigner frens..rasa cam kita pun foreginer..hehe..
so i told my frens YES!

she was s0oo excited!!ok..nak dijadikan cerita..we
were supposed to get to klsentral at 5..but solmaz
couldnt get the taxi so we were LATE!!and i had to
call help me get to klsentral..huhu..can
u imagine?!! 30mins to klsentral from serdang with
traffic at 5.30pm!!!urgh!!!so thanks to lisa..she
drove like 130 at the freeway and we were about to
arrive to klsentral..lisa tersalah amek lane..and
we end up at PUDU!!!so0o..i decided to take the
monorail so dat we can get to klsentral by then..
but guess wat..the clock was already 6.45 when we
arrived klsentral..and yep!u guessed it..we were
LATE!! and we missed the train!!! :( and burned je
RM150 for the tickets!!

so we decided to go to the bus station to get to
kelantan by bus!but we were s0oo we
had a bite first went there at 8.but we hafta get
to tasik selatan by komuter and lrt to titiwangsa
to get to the station.WAHT?!!!it took about 30mins
to get there!!!URGH!!!and by then my mum pun dah
rasa lain macam and she decided dat i shouldnt go..
like so0o suddenly i wanted to go to kelantan and
all..and then missed the train..get a bus without
booking the tickets first..its definitely pelik!!
plus its not like in london or tokyo people!!the
traffic n transportations here are like shit!so
yeah..i decided to quit..

actually tak sampai hati..rika had been so0o excited
about the three of us going on a trip..and she was
excited and planning things for us and all..kesian
kan?! tapi serious..if this happened in
surely gonna make sure that out trip HAPPEN..gamble
je la kan..tapi kat sini..macam tak sesuai sket la..
so there goes my 'well-planned trip' so i told them
to just go without me :( so..i balik kolej and was
damn tired!!!terus tido until 3.45am..i called
solmaz to check on them..and they haven't got the
ticket to kelantan AT ALL!!! its all because we
missed the train (>___<) kesian!!!

credit phone pun dah i checked on them this
morning..and they told me dat they're leaving by
train today!!haish!!kan bagus plan pegi harini jer
terus!!tula my mum cakap..Allah memang tak bagi pegi macam2 benda end up
sleeping 12hrs!!hehe..and them..getting frustrated..
haish!!kesian betul!!but yeah..kelakar pun ada..tak
pernah dibuat orang..(except for masa i kat kyoto
ngan sofia..siap tido kat stesen ketapi :P)
time..make sure u planned elok2..and trust
wont end up like me..huhuhu..penat!!!! :P

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