Thursday, April 20, 2006 i went to the library again and jidon
teman me as usual :) thanks jid for chatting with
me..hehehe..and hmm..wat puts a smile on ur face
today ? (^___^)

me..i chatted wif someone today and actually i had
do my revisions for we chatted for
a while and i shoooshed this sum1 away (i ACTUALLY
shooshed tau..seriously..hehe) and 'it' went like
ok..takmo kacau and all..suddenly 'it' buzzed lagi
tau..and asked if 'it' wanted to send songs..can it
be done thru emails..i said 'yes,of coz' and i said
if u want to send it to me..just send at my gmail..'
but 'it 'said 'no..i actually wanted to send to a
fren'..sila malu ye erin..huhuhu..

and suddenly : "U GOT MAIL - gmail"...and u know
wat?..hehe..two songs awaited to be download and
ngeeeee (^___^) i went all smiley..its a song
from 'it'! hehe..the song entitled :"KAMU"...the
song is s0ooo nice tau..indon songs..sweet kan? :P

THAT puts a smile on my face today.. (^__-)v
jid : i sent the song to u..i want u to hear it;)

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