Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fua..fua..harini tido kul 6!:p sangat tak larat..but
i gagahkan jugak mata bangun kul 11.sebab nak pegi
library..so here i am..in the library..updating my
blog and yes azz..updating my taggie as well ;)lol
huhu..nola..actually..im supposed to revise my arab
for tomorrow's finals.but then i realized that my
management notes tak abis update lagi!!argh!!!so
i tengah kelam kabut menyalin nota and all..like
there's 15 chaps..and i got until AHAD!!haish!!!

btw,i read jids blog..and yeay!!saw these cute pics!!
her nephew and niece came to london!!s0oo nice!!and
they are s0oo ADORABLE!!!tak sabar nak dapat niece!
eh..is it niece ker nephew ek,abang?(^__-)v and oh!
btw,azz..dayana sangat sweet tau!!untung dapat orang
rajin macam dia nak gi jalan2 buat video untuk u!!;)

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ooh..ooh..i got this nice pictures from a fren from
japan..its the scenery of japan during spring..so0o
nice!!!so i made it into nice pile of pictures.. :) nice
tak? (^__^) i misses japan a LOT la..rasa cam nak balik
sana..hehe.nurencHunK!! wait for me aa..and o-ouh
people..i gotta get back to my studies :p later~

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