Thursday, April 06, 2006

i am s0ooo tired today!!i feel like crying all
the way..s0oo stressed out..have u ever messed
with!! its like bullshit!!serious!!im
s0oo screwed up!!NOW i can imagine when azz
said that law student must at least sit and
stucked at the library for 8 hours!!!im IN!!!
mine eyes went all watery and yeap!
im close to tears :'( this is due to mata i
yang kena scan every single code dari atas
sampai bawah coding..connection 2 the database
plak jammed!!ARGH!!!!ni gara2 last minute work
la ni..padan muka.. (>___<)

dahla im supposed to watch persona nan grata!!
wargh!!!hans isaac came to UPM for the grand
premiering fren yang janji ngan i (whom
i turned her down sebab i kena siapkan project
ni!!) dapat tangkap gamba dengan hans isaac tau!!
(okke..i might sounded ballastic a bit..a bit je
tak banyak:p ) i was all psyched to go tau..
but tetiba this database assignment came up and
yes!!im stucked at the lab for 8hours and by then
i dah takde mood nak tengok the movie and ticket
DAH BELI!!!argh!!!!!!!!and project yang
i buat tu TALEH CONNECT!!!(+__+)habisla!!marks
4 presentation plak 20%!!this is the AKIBAT if u
messed with machines!!damned those machines!!

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