Friday, April 14, 2006

hey..baru 3 hari tak update..yupe..for the past few
days actually im supposed to do my serious study..
but its more like studo..haha..get it?like kawan azz
d.rog cakap..sls mode..nyehehe..sleep like shit!lol
but NO..its not dat i went sleeping the whole day or MIND was mood to study or
even do ANYTHING!!i did my revisions and after this
lo0ong stare at my mind went blurry and yes
it trailed off to dat number 8 guy.. :(

but dont not dat caught up girl..i just need
supports from frens and my inner strength to get thru
dis..thanks to my lovely bestfwens!! pojoe and lela!!
they called me and lighten up my day!(^___^)/ thank
you!!! (^3^) alel!!lama tak call tau..and she suddenly
called...windu tau!!and gosh i got sangat banyak *pig*
from her :D no offense lel.and pakcik ..u memang know
the bestla..ngehehehe...good luck wif urself too aa..
and all yang sanggup dengar cite buduh ku ini..hehe..
nurencHunk,denise,siew ping!! and my bestfwens!!!!
thanx u guys!!mwxz!!! (^3^)

oh finals :

1)database 17/4

2)arabic 19/4

3)dce 21/4

4)management 23/4

5)data struct 27/4


yesterday was s0oo funny!!i went to the library for the
1st time in my life in yes!!love
sejuk and cozy BUT distracting..haha..i hate seeing ppl
walking here and there..i guess my proper place to
study is definitely my ROOM!!my own music,my own table,
and i can sing on top of my lungs if im bored..nyehehehe.
so semalam was my first time pinjam buku!!huhuhu.."excuse
me..camne nak pinjam buku..?" huhuhu..sungguh memalukan
BUT hell yeah!it will be the last..hahaha..okke..SG2 mode.. gile2.. (^___-)v

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