Friday, April 28, 2006

fewh!!wat a day i had was really funny!
ok so i barely sleep the night before and i got this
paper at 8.30am!!gosh!!it was s0o..stressful but well
im ready to do all out for my LAST abis
paper..i rushed back to college coz i need to get my
SLEEP!!suddenly my iran fren smsed me: "do you want
to go to kelantan with us today?its at 6.15pm.i can
buy you a ticket.." erk!!i was taken aback..guilty pun
ada..sebab i was really tired and i really really need
my asked my parents and they were fine with
it since my hometown is in kelantan la di atas
dasar kesian and sounded fun..travelling with
2 foreigner frens..rasa cam kita pun foreginer..hehe..
so i told my frens YES!

she was s0oo excited!!ok..nak dijadikan cerita..we
were supposed to get to klsentral at 5..but solmaz
couldnt get the taxi so we were LATE!!and i had to
call help me get to klsentral..huhu..can
u imagine?!! 30mins to klsentral from serdang with
traffic at 5.30pm!!!urgh!!!so thanks to lisa..she
drove like 130 at the freeway and we were about to
arrive to klsentral..lisa tersalah amek lane..and
we end up at PUDU!!!so0o..i decided to take the
monorail so dat we can get to klsentral by then..
but guess wat..the clock was already 6.45 when we
arrived klsentral..and yep!u guessed it..we were
LATE!! and we missed the train!!! :( and burned je
RM150 for the tickets!!

so we decided to go to the bus station to get to
kelantan by bus!but we were s0oo we
had a bite first went there at 8.but we hafta get
to tasik selatan by komuter and lrt to titiwangsa
to get to the station.WAHT?!!!it took about 30mins
to get there!!!URGH!!!and by then my mum pun dah
rasa lain macam and she decided dat i shouldnt go..
like so0o suddenly i wanted to go to kelantan and
all..and then missed the train..get a bus without
booking the tickets first..its definitely pelik!!
plus its not like in london or tokyo people!!the
traffic n transportations here are like shit!so
yeah..i decided to quit..

actually tak sampai hati..rika had been so0o excited
about the three of us going on a trip..and she was
excited and planning things for us and all..kesian
kan?! tapi serious..if this happened in
surely gonna make sure that out trip HAPPEN..gamble
je la kan..tapi kat sini..macam tak sesuai sket la..
so there goes my 'well-planned trip' so i told them
to just go without me :( so..i balik kolej and was
damn tired!!!terus tido until 3.45am..i called
solmaz to check on them..and they haven't got the
ticket to kelantan AT ALL!!! its all because we
missed the train (>___<) kesian!!!

credit phone pun dah i checked on them this
morning..and they told me dat they're leaving by
train today!!haish!!kan bagus plan pegi harini jer
terus!!tula my mum cakap..Allah memang tak bagi pegi macam2 benda end up
sleeping 12hrs!!hehe..and them..getting frustrated..
haish!!kesian betul!!but yeah..kelakar pun ada..tak
pernah dibuat orang..(except for masa i kat kyoto
ngan sofia..siap tido kat stesen ketapi :P)
time..make sure u planned elok2..and trust
wont end up like me..huhuhu..penat!!!! :P

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

fewh!!its finally over!!!my finals are finally
OVER!!OWARI!!!!i had been waiting for this..
few weeks ago had been TIRING!!!i had been
sleeping aroun 4-6am..every single day and i
can' barely take the pressure any is
S0o0oo tiring!!and fewh!!alhamdulillah..its over;)
and it had been an interesting week too!!hmmm..
got a date.and definitely with the 'kamu' guy ;)
yeap..i surely can't wait :D and pee..i got juicy
story for you ;) and u better tell me about ur
3rd date :D yatta!!!!!shiken owatta!!!! (^0^)/

hmm..nak wat ape ek habis exam? ;P nak gi dating
la..hehehehe ;P

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Thursday, April 20, 2006 i went to the library again and jidon
teman me as usual :) thanks jid for chatting with
me..hehehe..and hmm..wat puts a smile on ur face
today ? (^___^)

me..i chatted wif someone today and actually i had
do my revisions for we chatted for
a while and i shoooshed this sum1 away (i ACTUALLY
shooshed tau..seriously..hehe) and 'it' went like
ok..takmo kacau and all..suddenly 'it' buzzed lagi
tau..and asked if 'it' wanted to send songs..can it
be done thru emails..i said 'yes,of coz' and i said
if u want to send it to me..just send at my gmail..'
but 'it 'said 'no..i actually wanted to send to a
fren'..sila malu ye erin..huhuhu..

and suddenly : "U GOT MAIL - gmail"...and u know
wat?..hehe..two songs awaited to be download and
ngeeeee (^___^) i went all smiley..its a song
from 'it'! hehe..the song entitled :"KAMU"...the
song is s0ooo nice tau..indon songs..sweet kan? :P

THAT puts a smile on my face today.. (^__-)v
jid : i sent the song to u..i want u to hear it;)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fua..fua..harini tido kul 6!:p sangat tak larat..but
i gagahkan jugak mata bangun kul 11.sebab nak pegi here i the library..updating my
blog and yes azz..updating my taggie as well ;)lol supposed to revise my arab
for tomorrow's finals.but then i realized that my
management notes tak abis update lagi!!argh!!!so
i tengah kelam kabut menyalin nota and
there's 15 chaps..and i got until AHAD!!haish!!!

btw,i read jids blog..and yeay!!saw these cute pics!!
her nephew and niece came to london!!s0oo nice!!and
they are s0oo ADORABLE!!!tak sabar nak dapat niece! it niece ker nephew ek,abang?(^__-)v and oh!
btw,azz..dayana sangat sweet tau!!untung dapat orang
rajin macam dia nak gi jalan2 buat video untuk u!!;)

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ooh..ooh..i got this nice pictures from a fren from
japan..its the scenery of japan during spring..so0o
nice!!!so i made it into nice pile of pictures.. :) nice
tak? (^__^) i misses japan a LOT la..rasa cam nak balik
sana..hehe.nurencHunK!! wait for me aa..and o-ouh
people..i gotta get back to my studies :p later~

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Friday, April 14, 2006

hey..baru 3 hari tak update..yupe..for the past few
days actually im supposed to do my serious study..
but its more like studo..haha..get it?like kawan azz
d.rog cakap..sls mode..nyehehe..sleep like shit!lol
but NO..its not dat i went sleeping the whole day or MIND was mood to study or
even do ANYTHING!!i did my revisions and after this
lo0ong stare at my mind went blurry and yes
it trailed off to dat number 8 guy.. :(

but dont not dat caught up girl..i just need
supports from frens and my inner strength to get thru
dis..thanks to my lovely bestfwens!! pojoe and lela!!
they called me and lighten up my day!(^___^)/ thank
you!!! (^3^) alel!!lama tak call tau..and she suddenly
called...windu tau!!and gosh i got sangat banyak *pig*
from her :D no offense lel.and pakcik ..u memang know
the bestla..ngehehehe...good luck wif urself too aa..
and all yang sanggup dengar cite buduh ku ini..hehe..
nurencHunk,denise,siew ping!! and my bestfwens!!!!
thanx u guys!!mwxz!!! (^3^)

oh finals :

1)database 17/4

2)arabic 19/4

3)dce 21/4

4)management 23/4

5)data struct 27/4


yesterday was s0oo funny!!i went to the library for the
1st time in my life in yes!!love
sejuk and cozy BUT distracting..haha..i hate seeing ppl
walking here and there..i guess my proper place to
study is definitely my ROOM!!my own music,my own table,
and i can sing on top of my lungs if im bored..nyehehehe.
so semalam was my first time pinjam buku!!huhuhu.."excuse
me..camne nak pinjam buku..?" huhuhu..sungguh memalukan
BUT hell yeah!it will be the last..hahaha..okke..SG2 mode.. gile2.. (^___-)v

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

hey azz..its been such a l0oonng time we kenal rite?
plus feena being my pet sis and all..but hey! u had
always been such a great friend..a funny one too!!
and ooh..ooh..lagi satu!! such a drama queen..hehehe
but jangan marah..since im in my study week..and im
supposed to study rite now..i cepat2 make this birthday
wish especially for u tau!! so to AZZAHRAA ANNUAR!!
HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!! may Allah bless u and may u
have a nice birthday celebration!!! mmuaahsss!!!!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

wah!!!in 10days..i'll be sitting for my finals
exam!!yes..and im studying at the moment as u
can see..haha..I'M STILL ONLINE!!!
s0oo dead..serious studies need to be
might not be updating for few days..coz i have
NOT started crisis with
this number 8 one night je..
my otak went all serabut then i went to watch
cheaper by the dozen 2..fewh!!all is gone..
deleted all the smses today..and hmm..lets just
say all my dear friends told me..he's not that why susah to let go..hmm..okke..let stucked..wat should i do?s0o..i came
to a conclusion..just forget it~* *period*

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Friday, April 07, 2006

fewh!!alhamdulillah..everything turned out to
be okke(@___@) nyahahaha..yokatta ne ;) and
memang gamble giler..because the presentation
was held in the lab.sampai2 je terus cari pc
yang functioning..sambil jari2 ni sebok taip
to settle my coding..sambil jenuh klik sana
klik sini tetikus kat sebelah ni.(i rasa kurus
mouse ni tau..i duk klik je..hahaha) in 5mins..
siap forms and report i raised my hand.dah tak
kira dah..i WANT my 20% marks!!

puan lilly pun datang kat my table and i trus
amek mike and present!!tindakan luar kawal..
actually malas nak pikir dah plus..i have my
points and i DID wat the lecturer required
cuma takleh nak connection ngan server je la.
GILA TAK!!serious!!time2 cuak..nasib baik otak
sempat berfikir and yes!alhamdulillah dah
selamat present and puan cakap IT'S OKKE!!fewh~

esok last day ronggeng..weekends kena start
study!!finals in 10days time..CRAYZEEE!!!!!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

i am s0ooo tired today!!i feel like crying all
the way..s0oo stressed out..have u ever messed
with!! its like bullshit!!serious!!im
s0oo screwed up!!NOW i can imagine when azz
said that law student must at least sit and
stucked at the library for 8 hours!!!im IN!!!
mine eyes went all watery and yeap!
im close to tears :'( this is due to mata i
yang kena scan every single code dari atas
sampai bawah coding..connection 2 the database
plak jammed!!ARGH!!!!ni gara2 last minute work
la ni..padan muka.. (>___<)

dahla im supposed to watch persona nan grata!!
wargh!!!hans isaac came to UPM for the grand
premiering fren yang janji ngan i (whom
i turned her down sebab i kena siapkan project
ni!!) dapat tangkap gamba dengan hans isaac tau!!
(okke..i might sounded ballastic a bit..a bit je
tak banyak:p ) i was all psyched to go tau..
but tetiba this database assignment came up and
yes!!im stucked at the lab for 8hours and by then
i dah takde mood nak tengok the movie and ticket
DAH BELI!!!argh!!!!!!!!and project yang
i buat tu TALEH CONNECT!!!(+__+)habisla!!marks
4 presentation plak 20%!!this is the AKIBAT if u
messed with machines!!damned those machines!!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

aaa..tanoshikatta!!i finally got to meet nuren!!:)
it was really..really fun (^0^)/ i even skipped
my class just to meet her up! was last
friday..i went and met NUREN at klcc!!

we had a helluva time..she came all the way from
perak just to meet me up!!arigatou ne nurenchunk!!
DAISUKI!!!! (^3^) mmuaahsss!!!so we went and had
our lunch at the food arena..serious!!!i had not
been in KLCC for ages!!everything had changed!!!
chou kirei!!!ngehehehe..i like it!! so we lepak2
and chat..and we went for window shopping :D..
and i just love our picture in teddy tales!!chou
kawai!!! (^___-)v dozo omite kudasai ;)

comey kan?;) and yes!!she gave me gucci envy!!s0o
nice!!!hontouni arigatou ne!!daisuki!!mmuahsss!!!
we had a great time..s0oo sad she cant stay longer..
going home tomorrow..mata renraku shite ne (^3^)v

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