Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wolleh..woh era uoy elpoep yadot?heheh..can u
read it?;p heheh..its call 'terbalik'..hahahah..
actually i want to make it like d ECNALUBMA sign..
but i guess u can't make it using computer..if ur
writing it using pen..sure boleh;) i dah try..

ok2..selingan;) how are u people today?azz..hows
ur production house going?and denise!!! u and ur
L.O.V.E thingy *wink*wink* and hmm..i wonder wat
happened to jid..i think she's busy,huh?and NUREN!!
quickly set up the internet connection in ur house!
hehe..i need updates from you ;) and as for me.. ;)

i just got my first result for my SECOND test!!yep!
i got my management test's result..and i've improved!
i got 70%!!yeay!!heheh..i just hate management class
because we will all come to class and the lecturer
will turn on her powerpoint a.k.a notes and she will
go and say 'ok..yang kat belakang tuh..baca...'and u
will hear her saying 'next..next...next' until the
end of the class..huhu..sad enough huh?and seriously!
im s0oo clueless about the lectures so no wonder my
first test sucks!!but yes..alhamdulillah..my grades
are OK;) so now im preparing myself for the finals je..
huhuhu..i almost flunked the first test..so i hafta
score 4 the second test..but too bad i only got 70%..
there's dis gal in the class..got 91%..cayala beb!
(^__-)v congrats to her! ;)

and yes..other tests are like freaking me out!!and all
the lecturers were like 'kertas kamu saya belum habis
tanda..bla..bla..bla..'..huhuhu!they are so0oo mean 2
keep me anticipated!!arghhhh!! i hate waiting!!>:(

so this week is a bit relaxing compared to previous..
and yes!!i've watched final destination 3!!damn nice
la the movie!!i mean..i puas hati la..although i have
to flirt with the ticket guy to book the ticket for
me since the seats are all full and we got the front
most seat which the flirting part was a major FAILURE
la kan..rushed to p.HUT and ate dat pizza atlantis..
yucks!and rushed 2 the plex and sat at the front seats
n switched seats illegally after 10mins show..(i always
do that wif lela kan lel?;) ) since my neck is killing
me..lol..it was funny and yes..sangat berbaloi.the 3rd
one is totally THE END!!go n watch it people!!enjoy it;)

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