Sunday, March 12, 2006

when my day just seemed to be in stress..the
whole day just wont work out the way i want
it..and the only thing i can do is find my
way back to where my heart
family..maybe im just s0o not used to being
away from my home..seriously..i cant stand
being away..although i didnt go back home 4
a week..i feel like sumtings missing..and u
know mom's instinct..they can smell if ur in
trouble..right after i heard my mum's voice..
its like s0oo soothing and you can fell like
this HUGE burden lifted from your shoulders..
lucky me dat my house's i can actually
run away from all these kekusutan in my head
and head home..

this whole week was a freaking s**t!!i feel
like everything just went wrong..being aroun
my family..seriously healed me..although i can
still feel the defeated..i dunno how to describe
it..its like a movie keep playing in my head..
but yes,u can see me smiling and laughing but
this lost is HUGE thing for do YOU feel
when you were s0oo passion in something and ur
willing to do anything for it..but you failed
to accomplish all these bruises
i can see its getting better..but inside...God
knows how...cest la vie deshou..?(>___<)

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