Wednesday, March 01, 2006

its been a while..heheh..seriously..i cant live
without blogging..huhu..extreme ker..? ;p but yep.
im sure will go like buka my buddy (which is my
notepad kat my desktop ..huhu) and start typing
like hell..i was wondering wats the point of
blogging?like u want to tell the whole world
about wat u did and do..and im like..dunno!!its
not like my life revolve around others (im
quoting wat lela said..hehe..tell him : 'my life
does not revolve aroun you tau!' *gags*) heheh..
and then i realized wat..i just want to
share with my frenz..and they seemed to NOT care
if my life revolve ke tak aroun them..hehe..
because they baca je my blog..hehe :)

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