Friday, March 17, 2006's for azz..hehe..dis is my laptop
but not new la azz..since i got back from japan la..
and i like it A LOT!!let say I LOVE IT!!!hehe..its
FMV lifebook; intel(R),celeron(R)
CPU 2.40GHz, 2.39GHz, BUT 704MB of RAM!!! hehehe..
cool tak?and yes! its a WIDE screen :) !!

thanks to abg walid..the engineer..hehe..he put all the
software and hardware i needed :) this laptop has the
floppy disc HW and cdRW..i belum update the DVDR..later
la..i guess..and its using fast ethernet (^__-)v..i have
not put in the wireless yet..but still!! i love it coz
everything in this laptop is JAPANESE!!!hehehe...and
if u can the keyboard..ada tulisan jepun!!heheh..
cool enough?i even sticked my purikuras while i was in
japan..(purikura is the picture sticker..the one u can
amek kat the one i did with jid masa kat midval
...ingat tak jid? ;) )

yep..dats it..and u can see my fave laptop!!;)

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