Wednesday, March 29, 2006

yes!!i got my laptop back!!after a l0oong silence..
nyeheheh..damn those viruses la..thank god the
worst is over..and seb baik tak kena format balik
all over again..seriously!!i cant live without
my laptop!!;) anyways..the other day was my bro's
birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABANG!!so we went 2 OU.
hehe..our fave place la kan ;) we went from 5pm
until tutup!!wahahhaha..serious!at first we went
for bowling :D and then we went to celebrate at
NANDOS! mama was saying la..'kat mana mama boleh
makan ayam bakar yang sedap..'and i went and tell
her NANDOS la kan..and yes!!she had a great time!!
we all did!! we ate ALOT!!serious..everyone was
enjoying every part of it!after dat..SHOPPING!!!!
heheh..i bought this two cute lil thing..

this is cool cat book..i think its time i get a
new book for my diary..wink..wink..and yes! i
found this cool shop..and got all these nice
things..i LOVE this shop!!they even have it at
avenue K.senang i nak shop masa intern nanti:p

and this one is a top i bought for only rm19!
cute kan?!!i bought it in OU..tengah sale!!
padahal masa tuh i takde benda nak beli..sebab
dat day was last day sale..terus i cepat2 cari
baju yang cute2..and saw this cute top!!;)

well..we had a great time!! i know i DID (^0^)/

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