Thursday, March 02, 2006

hey ho.. :) im now in the lab..actually waiting for
the demo to come and teach us the data struct thing.. s0oo stresses out..but i dunno why..its
just dat my head keeps on repeating 'there's not
enough time..there's not enough time' like this
theme song of the movie title 'when erin goes drop
dead' like NTAH?!! i cant describe
myself but hands and feet seemed to find its
way..makan tak lupe..jalan balik bilik pun tak lupa
jugakla. :P and eton came to UPM!!sangat
best!!huhuh..they came to tampal dis advertisement
about UKM bunka no cam ada japanese thiny and
ada performance by mawi and nita malaysion idiot..
oops..:P and gg..i want to meet u la..ngade2 merajuk
sebab i cakap i tak sabar nak jumpa eton :p manje!!
dun wori gg..ur always di hati ku..uwek!!!hahahaha..
but i only sempat met them like 20mins..due to the
miscommunication :( but its ok..i even di'proposed'
to be the mc for the cultural thing yang si gg and eton
duk tampal kat my uni kewl gak.. ;) but dunno
yetla..coz it requires me to speak in japanese..wat do
u think ? (^0^)v

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