Saturday, March 18, 2006 of the destination 3..
heheh..since my tests had just over..its my
weekends!!!yes!!i surely can't wait because
im going out for a movie with sofia!!and dis
time i wanna go and take 'purikura' wif her..
because we don't have one!and we're gonna watch
final destination 3..which is this time..i think
it really IS their final destination(i guess..
i havent watched it..due to my overdue tests!!

anyways..last night i watched crazy beautiful..
movie of the month!!hehe..yeap!!still remember
that movie people?!its this movie when we were
f4 or not sure.kirsten dunst is!!
in this movie..she played the role of a disturbed
and distructived child..hahaha..actually i like
this movie because the story line is really
interesting and s0ooo sweet..(but definitely cant
beat 'my' ashton kutcher movie..hehe..) like how
can sum1 changed u into sum1 u don't even know..
like the other side of u..its like..wat love can do
to u..or sumting like dat..LOL..and in this movie..
she's a damn GOOD photograper!!(i sumhow i believe
dat i got this good skills in taking pictures..hmm..
i think im gonna be a photographer la when i grow
up..haha..which is when lah?!DUH!!!hahaha)

anyways..she took all these nice pictures..using
manual flash camera *jid i think foy's is much
canggih than this one la..LOL* and using polaroid!!
gosh!! i just LURVEEE polaroid!!it is s0oo cooool!!!
seriously!! i tried once using it while i was in
japan and it is s0oo cute..u should see my polaroid
pictures taken by my korean fren..the film was even
decorated!! special edition!! yes!!i really want to
have one!!! amin,yes,you BUNYAMIN!! if u read this..
go and find me one polaroid camera and buy it as my
birthday gift..or maybe i can just pay u later when u
get back to mesia ok!! (^___-)v and this kirsten
dunst took all these nice pictures of her and her
cute mexican boyfren!!!so0oo cute tau!!and she made it
into a scrap book..with all these cute notes..gawd!!
i think i should make one la..starting..tomorrow?!haha

so people!!go and rent this movie..its nice and yes!!
it'll make u cry..hehe..sikit2 la..enjoy!! (^__-)v

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