Wednesday, March 15, 2006

hehe..rite after i read azz's blog..rasa cam
aku je tergolong dalam golongan yang tengah
stop blogging..*sekejap* hehe..azz..i had
been s0ooo..freking 2 tests coming
up..which is today and tomorrow..but yes!i do
read yor blogs everyday ;p if ada masa..and
past few weeks had been hell!serious..but i
malas nak cerita wat happened and so on...nanti
cam memburukkan certain individu plak..but nway,
here i am...starting to blog again..although baru
3 hari tak blogging..LOL..(rasa cam dah lama)

and alel!! when are u gonna text me dear?!!
mak aih..busy eh..?at least let me know if ur,nice haircut!!finally u cut ur hair..
SHORTER than before ;p

and nuren!! cepat balik..we can meet up coz my
tests finish je..u sampai!! timing baik punya ah!!
heheh..and yes!!we definitely hafta meet!!nak
gosip and all..and if lepak rumah ruley..i definitely
nak ikut!!!...

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