Thursday, March 16, 2006

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yeay!!!people!! no i can blog dengan senang hati!!
yatta!! and yep!i bet nuren's on her way back to
mesia right now..she's flying in her jet plane! :)
can't wait..can't wait..can't wait(^_____^)

heheh...and yes!!!! yes!!! and yes!!! hahaha..i
dah jadi gila ok!hehehe..sebab im s0oo happy!!dat
my papers over!!it had been serious tuff weeks!!
and i had gone all tired and sick due to lack of
my beauty sleep *wink*wink*..hehe..and now..i can
go online all day lo0oonng!!!!heheh..* according to
jid..she has to at least shut her laptop once in a
while..if not..she wont be reading her books!*gags*
actually jid,same here!!!ngeee (^___-)v officially pimped by test2!LOL and i can
now rest in peace..a.k.a tenang? *er..ayat dia cam
tak kena ;p *

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