Monday, March 06, 2006

the crew and the aunty nah's daughter..sri
munawwarah interview:) muka2 penat n OILY..
haha..thanks to the team who helped me for d

aiyo..i was about to call him..dia dah call :)
bagus!jimat credit aku :p haha..congrats on ur
new apartment and definitely u gonna have loads
of ppl coming..specially..ehem2..looking forward
ke pee? *wink*wink*

anyways..sumting strange happened to me last wik
tapi takpela..malas nak cerita..anyways..last
week had been the worst!!very..very tired!!i got
test on the sunday..and my management project
is not yet done!!kena hantar esok!!giler!! and still doin it i got to edit a few
things..nasib baik mama helped me to get the
interview with kak ina,anak aunty nah,the owner
of the sri munawwarah boutique.settled la my
interview with her,tinggal i nak kena type the
report and all..shit!!penat!! and i tak balik dis
week AGAIN!!because i have handball tournament
today!!yes ppl!!today i have my first handball
tournament after 5 years tak main..huhu..thrilled
pun ada gak :) and i think i.ll be shitty penat
jugak this week coz i got 2 tests coming up this so0oo nervous with my sql..database
lab test..wargh!!i have NO clue about wat will
i have to do nanti (>___<) sangat takut ok!!
well..finger crossed..i will start dis week with
bismillah (^___-)

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