Friday, March 10, 2006

im s0oo tired dis was my worst day
yesterday..i was s0oo frustated wif myself..
i had my database test..(altho i did answered
all..) i had done all my sql commands and the
time was s0oo freaking NOT enough tau.dat
lecturer made me shit like the time
was almost up and i was left to build my form
and report when my computer went running s0oo
fucking slow (u know jela..when ur handling wif
machines..things COULD go wrong) and i had NO
time to save in the f.disc given..which i DID
not know dat we're supposed to save it in the i was in tears!! because rite after dat
database test..i got another test like in another
30mins!!so i have not time to save it then!!and
plus,right after the dbase test,there's another
group using the lab and the computer was in used!!!
serious i couldnt think straight dah..rasa cam
separuh giler!!

but thanks to ijah..she saved my life..she
waited for the next class to end and helped
me saved it in the f.d..ALHAMDULILLAH!!but i
could smell that the whole day will rot!!s0o..

rite after all these test from Allah
was not yet over..we played handball dat evening.
(F.I.Y: we were johan for kumpulan c) so we
played with Kolej Mohd Rashid..for quarter final.
guess wat?kak hernifita,one of our handball senior,
back then in SSP,played in the was kinda
interesting..'going against your senior'..hmmm... was a tough fight..i fought like hell..but
i dapat scored 1 je..the goally was damn good!!i
dunno wat happened to my team..they went all
spirited down and i was left with nothing else to
do but to depend~

so we lost 5-2..and mimi(our attacker)really
dissapointed me..she scored 4 goals before..but i
dont know wat happened to her yesterday..the team
was supposed to have 2 attackers..but turned out i
was attacking all alone..but not putting the
blame on her..maybe she was tired and she may got
her own issues and yes,its all in God's hand..ada
hikmah di sebaliknye..

in the end,whole body ached,both knees bruised,
both elbows injured and yes..even my waist is
bruised,my heart:SORED.s0o as i was healing my
wounds with some (minyak urut sambil termenungkan
nasib),my heart wounded more..i felt like this HUGE
ached inside..its like losing something i shouldnt..
i was s0oo frustated with was t0o much for
me..well..i hoped dat at the end of the day,everything
will turn out to be OK..but it didnt..*~sigh~*well...

~i guess..i was cracked under pressure...

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