Thursday, March 23, 2006

wow!!! been watching full house for only 2 days..
and i'm like wat..finished all 14 episodes!!hahahaha.
serious!i slept in late for like 2 days in a row :p
just to finish all 14..crazy enough,huh?but the drama
was really nice..kinda sweet and yet a bit sad la.. :(
i've watched it when it was aired at 8tv..but suddenly
my roommates got this vcds collection..apa lagi!!i
pun tengok la ;) another 2 episodes left..
although i can go and watch it now..and i already know
the ending of the stories..but my roommates yang start
tengok lagi awal dari i pun belum abis lagi tengok all i hafta wait them since they have tests coming we will watch it together after the test la!!
aja aja fighting!! (^____-)v *dareka ni koishi na..*

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