Friday, February 24, 2006

huhuhu..i takde keje tau..sekarang like tak tahu nak
buat apa dah..otak dah jammed!but i
woke up at 9.30 although my class starts at 3.30pm but
i was awaken by carmen the brunsfield lady..asking
whethere i jadi tak nak intership kat brunsfield..but
i already accepted FEC(INC) so i cakap no..and lepas
tu i dah tak boleh tido...siap2..mandi..headed to
faculty to siapkan my sql statement yang macam siot
x jadi2..and yes!i got tests like 3 papers in freaking
same i think the only thing i can do now is
blog awal2..might be lepas ni takde masa nak blogging :(

and then i lepak kat faculty which is until now..still
sleepy..and most reliable caffeine frenz..i drank
one teh ais and 1 nescafe ais already and after the 2nd like terbeiak mata and bersemangat..hahah..and
goodness!!i still got t0oo many things to read..maybe i
need to make a study week like azz did..i better do..if
tak i tak sempat nak abiskan all my sillibus!~~ semalam
sempat borak ngan tough okke!tai kung
kan ada..HAHAHA..and yes!!we need to talk more on the
YM voice..kira cam telipon la..hehe..miss u tau!

anyways..this is my ashton u know why i suka
dis song like hell!! (^__^)v

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