Monday, February 13, 2006

shil and me \(^___^)/

ey2..shil's back in mesia!!and i sempat met
her in midvalley and yes people..i bought
dat beard's papa's cream puff again!! i
brought one home and mama seems to like it

anyways..shila is s0oo kurus tau!!even as
thin as azz!!! makcik!! tak percaya..:P
but i know why la kan..its ok shil..we're
always there for you okke!its not the end of
the world and i know u knew its
we lepak there 4 a while..and it was really
touchy la..and i just feel bad for her..well
at least i tried my best to be there for her..
may Allah give her strength..insyaAllah..and
shil..we will always love u la dear~ dun worry
ya (^__-)v mmuahsss!!!

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