Monday, February 20, 2006 sakit!!got 2 blisters at my
wounded knee and one freaking ache on the
whole body!! already an old
chick la (ayam tua..?) huhuhu...sudah pencen..:p
you know wat i did?!

heheh..i didn't go back home last week because
i got this handball practice..:p sanngup tuh?!!
my mom pun pelik tau because i sanggup tak balik.
huhu..yep,im back on the track people ;) after
how many years..hmm...5 years i think.. :p which
it was great to be back :) happy..happy..happy..
hehe..u know how i love my it was really
fun.when we did our first practice on the padang
itself.silalah..u know je la if main handball kan
kena lari the whole padang!! nak pulak i ni attacker..
hasilnya: sunburnt face,2 blisters,wounded knee and
one whole 'sengal' badan FOR A WEEK!!! but it was
worth it :P's freak!!

and people!!i am s0oo in love with bon jovi's song
tau!!i just downloaded on my mp3..everyday i onkan
my laptop sure this song yang i akan click first!!:P
yep..this song yang u tengah dengar kat my blog ni..
try to listen to the lyrics..s0oo..sweet..even sweeter?
when my ashton kutcher sang this song in 'a lot like
love'..he is s0oo cute+sweet tau!!LOL..still not over
the movie yet..?trust me..u'll wish the same thing(^_-)v

p/s:jid..padang yang kitorang main sama besar ngan
padang yes..i ran the whole padang for 30
freaking minutes!!non stop orang giler!!lol

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