Saturday, February 11, 2006

wah~~it was a short stay and a great time..put3 is
always a sweetheart tau.she seemed to know wat to
say to make me feel better (^__-)..i went to her
place was ok..and yes...i was s0oo
tired..i even got panda eyes..lepak wif pee and
put at mcD..was ok..and too bad i was s0o tired..
so i'm more on a passive side..LOL..but yep!lepak
put's place..we watched the whole 2nd season!!
luke is s0oo cute tau!!his eyes!!!*droooooool* ;p now back in kl and heading back home!
i had dis heavy hearted..camne nak cakap eyh?..
but i dunno on the way to the station..
i was s0oo..caught up wif my thots..and yes..u
should berfikir panjang..because at the end..u
realized..its not worth to think too much..buat
penat je..HAHAH..ok2..enuff2..i nak
panda eyes are getting WORSE and yes..i better
balik rumah coz better lepak wif someone yang
boleh appreciate you..rather than yang tak
gheti :p..ok...~~

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