Tuesday, February 07, 2006

this is my hunny munchkin :p

today i am like so0o..lazy:p i got class at
10 but was cancelled..so i WOKE up at 10..and
i was so0o lazy to do anyting...well actually
it started last nite when i was s0oo lazy to
start my revision on database..so i decided to
watch a movie instead...i watched the sleeping
dictionary.its an interesting story..with jessica
alba in it;) why she's s0oo hot!!anyways..she
IS the sleeping dictionary and by the way it was
shot in SARAWAK ppl!so this story is about the
sleeping dictionary who hafta to sleep with an
englishman to learn english and this english man
whom is a british officer..have to sleep with her
to learn bahasa iban!because to become the leader
of the place u have to understand the native's
language..BUT this officer is s0oo nice and naive..
so he doesnt want to sleep with someone who is not
his legal wife..it was quite funny at first..but
in the end..u'll guess wat happens ;p its quite
interesting and romantic (^__-) i dunno where my
friend found this movie anyways..

so after i woke up today..i quickly put the a lot
like love vcd into the player and watched my hunny;)
..and yes..ashton kutcher is s0oo cute,ok!!and in
this movie..he sang bon jovi's song..and he rocked!!!
i LURVEEEE...him!LOL..and yeah..i think the movie is
s0oo sweeeeet!!i guess it MIGHT took more than 6 years
to realize dat it was love at first sight..*sigh* ~

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