Monday, February 06, 2006

yes..this is beard papa's shop kat midvalley..
the cream puff sangat sedap tau!!(^__^)

ok...the last truth..azu IS with jisu..get it?!
nuren..if u read this..yep..they are an item..
but wat shocked me more is that i did not even
flinched when the truth was if the whole
naked truth was now bearable by me.thank GOD..
i'm now a better person :P and im thru!!

anyways..yesterday..i went to watch memoirs of
geisha wif was a nice movie!!!i really
love it!!teringat masa we and dhila went to chase
after the geisha or maiko (younger geisha) masa
kat kyoto..until we end up kat rumah sape2 ntah:p
seriously,the lorong and houses really looked like
the one you saw in the movie :)

and rite after the movie we went to shop jap..
guess wat i saw?!! and nuren for your information,
beard papa's is in malaysia!!!yep!the very first
outlet in malaysia!!its in midvalley..apa lagi..
sofia and i terus like wah!!!natsukashi na!!tengok
geisha pastu ada beard papa's plak kat sini..rasa
cam baru lepas balik tengok movie kat shibuya!!;)

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