Saturday, February 04, 2006

halu..selamat tahun baru..its muharram!:)
alhamdulillah..we're still living n
kicking in this world!wow!!its already
FEBRUARY!!wat dya know!! hols
was OK..and its s0oo relaxing..hehe..i
finally got the whole holidays to MYSELF!
which going out wif frenz n all..
hehe..i just duduk kat rumah and lepak wif
my dad cuti so we went shopping
like every single day!LOL..i bought myself
this one funky bag..cute!japan style!i got
it for only rm11!!cheap kan?its actually
on 70% sale!wat dya know?!! (^__-)v

so then..i also got myself a cute suade
sandal..for only rm29!!malaysia is s0oo on
SALE people!:P so i spent my holidays
going shopping and watch dvd rerun!!heheh..
i tgk all those movies yang i tak sempat tgk..
so there's charlie n the chocolate factory,
king kong,transporter2,longest yard and
stealth!huhu..cayak aa! ;P but yeah..i like
it..just lepak and doing im
already in college..coz tonite nak anta
kak yan kat epot..she's going back to japan!
huhu..and tomorrow!! im going out wif sofia!
gonna watch geisha and just lepak..lusa dah
start gotta go back to my college
life..sob..sob..but hey!i had a GREAT holiday~

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