Friday, February 17, 2006 pojoe dah nak balik OZ dah.. :(
kejap je he balik for cuti..(actually almost
3 months i guess..:P ) but its ok..sempat met
him couple times.. :) anyways..yesterday i
talked to rashid and amin thru the ym..we
made a call was hillarious!!si rashid
is always the funny one and yes the feminine
side of him is so00 menjealouskan me tau..he
can cook!!yesterday he was cooking pudding!!
wah!!sugoi heard jid cooking
pudding ke ape ntah dat day..but this rashid
is such a cook tau!!he always cooks for amin..
untung kau amin..tak dapat bini..dapat kawan
yang macam bini pun dah kira ok ;p

so anyways..semalam dapat results arabic..
hehe..i got 100% gile kan?!i pun tak percaya
tau..i wish i got 100 for all my papers..tapi
tak dapat la management paper pun i
failed!!seriuos!i am s0oo not a management
thinking la...LOL..but its ok..dont worry..i
failed sket the lecturer is s0oo kind
enough to let me do extra assignment :) yeay!
alhamdulillah..n people!!i got the internship!!
im gonna do my internship at FEC(INC)..sumwer
near KLCC..and yes!!my workplace sama dengan
sofia!!she yang bagi i cari internship kat situ!
thanks piah! (^3^)mmuahss!!she floor bawah je
my floor..tapi chotto~ kinchou tau..tak pernah
keje ofis and silala..erin?!!nak pakai baju
kurung or working woman style?!!sila pengsan
dulu~~ HAHAHAHAH...

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