Friday, February 24, 2006

huhuhu..i takde keje tau..sekarang like tak tahu nak
buat apa dah..otak dah jammed!but i
woke up at 9.30 although my class starts at 3.30pm but
i was awaken by carmen the brunsfield lady..asking
whethere i jadi tak nak intership kat brunsfield..but
i already accepted FEC(INC) so i cakap no..and lepas
tu i dah tak boleh tido...siap2..mandi..headed to
faculty to siapkan my sql statement yang macam siot
x jadi2..and yes!i got tests like 3 papers in freaking
same i think the only thing i can do now is
blog awal2..might be lepas ni takde masa nak blogging :(

and then i lepak kat faculty which is until now..still
sleepy..and most reliable caffeine frenz..i drank
one teh ais and 1 nescafe ais already and after the 2nd like terbeiak mata and bersemangat..hahah..and
goodness!!i still got t0oo many things to read..maybe i
need to make a study week like azz did..i better do..if
tak i tak sempat nak abiskan all my sillibus!~~ semalam
sempat borak ngan tough okke!tai kung
kan ada..HAHAHA..and yes!!we need to talk more on the
YM voice..kira cam telipon la..hehe..miss u tau!

anyways..this is my ashton u know why i suka
dis song like hell!! (^__^)v

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Monday, February 20, 2006 sakit!!got 2 blisters at my
wounded knee and one freaking ache on the
whole body!! already an old
chick la (ayam tua..?) huhuhu...sudah pencen..:p
you know wat i did?!

heheh..i didn't go back home last week because
i got this handball practice..:p sanngup tuh?!!
my mom pun pelik tau because i sanggup tak balik.
huhu..yep,im back on the track people ;) after
how many years..hmm...5 years i think.. :p which
it was great to be back :) happy..happy..happy..
hehe..u know how i love my it was really
fun.when we did our first practice on the padang
itself.silalah..u know je la if main handball kan
kena lari the whole padang!! nak pulak i ni attacker..
hasilnya: sunburnt face,2 blisters,wounded knee and
one whole 'sengal' badan FOR A WEEK!!! but it was
worth it :P's freak!!

and people!!i am s0oo in love with bon jovi's song
tau!!i just downloaded on my mp3..everyday i onkan
my laptop sure this song yang i akan click first!!:P
yep..this song yang u tengah dengar kat my blog ni..
try to listen to the lyrics..s0oo..sweet..even sweeter?
when my ashton kutcher sang this song in 'a lot like
love'..he is s0oo cute+sweet tau!!LOL..still not over
the movie yet..?trust me..u'll wish the same thing(^_-)v

p/s:jid..padang yang kitorang main sama besar ngan
padang yes..i ran the whole padang for 30
freaking minutes!!non stop orang giler!!lol

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Friday, February 17, 2006 pojoe dah nak balik OZ dah.. :(
kejap je he balik for cuti..(actually almost
3 months i guess..:P ) but its ok..sempat met
him couple times.. :) anyways..yesterday i
talked to rashid and amin thru the ym..we
made a call was hillarious!!si rashid
is always the funny one and yes the feminine
side of him is so00 menjealouskan me tau..he
can cook!!yesterday he was cooking pudding!!
wah!!sugoi heard jid cooking
pudding ke ape ntah dat day..but this rashid
is such a cook tau!!he always cooks for amin..
untung kau amin..tak dapat bini..dapat kawan
yang macam bini pun dah kira ok ;p

so anyways..semalam dapat results arabic..
hehe..i got 100% gile kan?!i pun tak percaya
tau..i wish i got 100 for all my papers..tapi
tak dapat la management paper pun i
failed!!seriuos!i am s0oo not a management
thinking la...LOL..but its ok..dont worry..i
failed sket the lecturer is s0oo kind
enough to let me do extra assignment :) yeay!
alhamdulillah..n people!!i got the internship!!
im gonna do my internship at FEC(INC)..sumwer
near KLCC..and yes!!my workplace sama dengan
sofia!!she yang bagi i cari internship kat situ!
thanks piah! (^3^)mmuahss!!she floor bawah je
my floor..tapi chotto~ kinchou tau..tak pernah
keje ofis and silala..erin?!!nak pakai baju
kurung or working woman style?!!sila pengsan
dulu~~ HAHAHAHAH...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

sorry i took ur pictures from frenster :P may you are
all happy with your love ones (^__-)/

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Monday, February 13, 2006

shil and me \(^___^)/

ey2..shil's back in mesia!!and i sempat met
her in midvalley and yes people..i bought
dat beard's papa's cream puff again!! i
brought one home and mama seems to like it

anyways..shila is s0oo kurus tau!!even as
thin as azz!!! makcik!! tak percaya..:P
but i know why la kan..its ok shil..we're
always there for you okke!its not the end of
the world and i know u knew its
we lepak there 4 a while..and it was really
touchy la..and i just feel bad for her..well
at least i tried my best to be there for her..
may Allah give her strength..insyaAllah..and
shil..we will always love u la dear~ dun worry
ya (^__-)v mmuahsss!!!

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

wah~~it was a short stay and a great time..put3 is
always a sweetheart tau.she seemed to know wat to
say to make me feel better (^__-)..i went to her
place was ok..and yes...i was s0oo
tired..i even got panda eyes..lepak wif pee and
put at mcD..was ok..and too bad i was s0o tired..
so i'm more on a passive side..LOL..but yep!lepak
put's place..we watched the whole 2nd season!!
luke is s0oo cute tau!!his eyes!!!*droooooool* ;p now back in kl and heading back home!
i had dis heavy hearted..camne nak cakap eyh?..
but i dunno on the way to the station..
i was s0oo..caught up wif my thots..and yes..u
should berfikir panjang..because at the end..u
realized..its not worth to think too much..buat
penat je..HAHAH..ok2..enuff2..i nak
panda eyes are getting WORSE and yes..i better
balik rumah coz better lepak wif someone yang
boleh appreciate you..rather than yang tak
gheti :p..ok...~~

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

this is my hunny munchkin :p

today i am like so0o..lazy:p i got class at
10 but was i WOKE up at 10..and
i was so0o lazy to do anyting...well actually
it started last nite when i was s0oo lazy to
start my revision on i decided to
watch a movie instead...i watched the sleeping
dictionary.its an interesting story..with jessica
alba in it;) why she's s0oo hot!!anyways..she
IS the sleeping dictionary and by the way it was
shot in SARAWAK ppl!so this story is about the
sleeping dictionary who hafta to sleep with an
englishman to learn english and this english man
whom is a british officer..have to sleep with her
to learn bahasa iban!because to become the leader
of the place u have to understand the native's
language..BUT this officer is s0oo nice and naive..
so he doesnt want to sleep with someone who is not
his legal was quite funny at first..but
in the end..u'll guess wat happens ;p its quite
interesting and romantic (^__-) i dunno where my
friend found this movie anyways..

so after i woke up today..i quickly put the a lot
like love vcd into the player and watched my hunny;)
..and yes..ashton kutcher is s0oo cute,ok!!and in
this movie..he sang bon jovi's song..and he rocked!!!
i LURVEEEE...him!LOL..and yeah..i think the movie is
s0oo sweeeeet!!i guess it MIGHT took more than 6 years
to realize dat it was love at first sight..*sigh* ~

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Monday, February 06, 2006

yes..this is beard papa's shop kat midvalley..
the cream puff sangat sedap tau!!(^__^)

ok...the last truth..azu IS with jisu..get it?!
nuren..if u read this..yep..they are an item..
but wat shocked me more is that i did not even
flinched when the truth was if the whole
naked truth was now bearable by me.thank GOD..
i'm now a better person :P and im thru!!

anyways..yesterday..i went to watch memoirs of
geisha wif was a nice movie!!!i really
love it!!teringat masa we and dhila went to chase
after the geisha or maiko (younger geisha) masa
kat kyoto..until we end up kat rumah sape2 ntah:p
seriously,the lorong and houses really looked like
the one you saw in the movie :)

and rite after the movie we went to shop jap..
guess wat i saw?!! and nuren for your information,
beard papa's is in malaysia!!!yep!the very first
outlet in malaysia!!its in midvalley..apa lagi..
sofia and i terus like wah!!!natsukashi na!!tengok
geisha pastu ada beard papa's plak kat sini..rasa
cam baru lepas balik tengok movie kat shibuya!!;)

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

halu..selamat tahun baru..its muharram!:)
alhamdulillah..we're still living n
kicking in this world!wow!!its already
FEBRUARY!!wat dya know!! hols
was OK..and its s0oo relaxing..hehe..i
finally got the whole holidays to MYSELF!
which going out wif frenz n all..
hehe..i just duduk kat rumah and lepak wif
my dad cuti so we went shopping
like every single day!LOL..i bought myself
this one funky bag..cute!japan style!i got
it for only rm11!!cheap kan?its actually
on 70% sale!wat dya know?!! (^__-)v

so then..i also got myself a cute suade
sandal..for only rm29!!malaysia is s0oo on
SALE people!:P so i spent my holidays
going shopping and watch dvd rerun!!heheh..
i tgk all those movies yang i tak sempat tgk..
so there's charlie n the chocolate factory,
king kong,transporter2,longest yard and
stealth!huhu..cayak aa! ;P but yeah..i like
it..just lepak and doing im
already in college..coz tonite nak anta
kak yan kat epot..she's going back to japan!
huhu..and tomorrow!! im going out wif sofia!
gonna watch geisha and just lepak..lusa dah
start gotta go back to my college
life..sob..sob..but hey!i had a GREAT holiday~

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