Wednesday, January 04, 2006

halu..actually..everytime blogging pendek2 tu maksudnye
takde idea la tuh..but since when erin doesnt know wat to
tell and where to start..well..actually,i was quite frustrated
with my results..but hey!since my new year's resolution is
to think positive..hmm..i guess i just hafta live with it..
learn from mistakes..

have you ever thought of why your friends can be so0o good in
their studies whereas they were just equally good as you are..
papa told me that they were determined and i was not..was i?
sometimes i think dat i had pushed s00oo hard but i will end
up at the same spot..its like in a quicksand..the harder you
struggle to get out..the deeper you sinked in..wat went wrong?
hmm..dat,i have to figure out myself,i guess.

but tell you IS so hard to be the best when the best
is yet is out of reach...but why can THEY reach it? (?__?)

p/s:at times i looked down on myself..for being reckless..

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