Monday, January 09, 2006

well..hey!!2moro is hari raya!!yeay!!and my mum let me invites
my friend for makan2..yeay!!dah lama tak ajak member datang
umah makan2.. (^__^)..missing all those years..most of my
friends kat cam tinggal a few je..smsed aliaa..
and invited her and lam over..sofia and ecah too! i tot my
UPM frens can come..ntahla..hope they can la..they dah janji
since 1st its ok if they can't pun.. is a happy day~~ i met my neighbour whom i tak
jumpa for years..but actually,she lives next door!! but i
met her at mesra..bestla..sempat borak2 kejap..and its nice
coz she had always been such a then i got
email from my sensei back in japan!! best!! panjang lak tuh..
so i get all smiley today.. (^_____________^) hehehe..dats a
lo0ong grin,ey? ;p

btw,i miss my boo..hahahah..himitsu..ape la dia tengah buat
skarang eyh..? ;p take care dear~~ hey ya all!! SELAMAT HARI

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