Tuesday, January 10, 2006

solmaz,my cute lil ika and me..

raya pictures here : raya

today my hari raya was s0oo fun! and tiring~~ mama let
me invited some of my frenz over for sum makan2..we also
ajak all our cousins and family for some of mama's special
rendang,lontong,nasi impit and lemang!!yummy ;) i ate
A LOT!! ;p

so i invited aliaa,lam and lava..turned out lava's in
manila and then i invited sofia,aishah and jana..and
oh ya! my iran friend,solmaz..turned out just sofia and
solmaz je yang datang.. :( but! sofia came with two of
her frenz,shah and harnie..sabahans.shah is s0oo funny!!
i just cant help myself laughing at every words he said!!
pretty cozy la harnie and shah..they both are dancers for
sabah..cool,aint it? ;)

and then we lepak2 and borak..my cute lil kazen,ika..helped
me accompanied solmaz while i was entertaining sofia and the
gang ;p after a while..sofia ajak pegi bowling..but we hafta
send harnie back to saloma bistro.she's a dancer there...so
we pun rushed to saloma to send her off..and i pun bawakla
si solmaz sama..lol..and then after settle anta harnie and
all..we headed back to one utama and we bowled!!

it was hillarious!! and fun!! dah lama tak had a great time!!
~~ altho its raya..boleh plak i pegi bowling ngan frenz ;p ~~
hehe..pastu..lepas main dua game ( FIY:i menang both games :) )
we headed for some drinks and lepak la kan..my family pun ada
kat OU..so we joined my family..n i pun sambung makan..~~
si shah duk mengutuk : "ko ni kuat betul makan..badan kecik
jugak" lol..macih shah..ko je yang puji aku kecik..*blush*
besides my frenz yg lain la kan..hehe

and then they pun hafta go..i pun dah penat..so it was really
a great day..and i had a great time..i am so0o happy and s0oo
tired..i even got panda eyes;p so back to work..esok dah kena
start my responsibilities as a student..another year to go..
insyaAllah~~ ;)

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