Wednesday, January 11, 2006

harini pegi jogging :) fewh!! after all this years..?
hehe..tu la..masa balik raya mum suddenly
told me dat im gemok?!! :'( huhuhu..terkezut dengar..
terus i macam semangat..hahah.yela..terus like evryday
i will remind ash dat he hafta teman i pegi jogging
every morning~~ fua.fua.

yelah sangat tuh..end evrytime i determine to
do it..the next morning i will be waking up at 10!!!lol much of my determination (^__-)v so yeap!! today..
i came back from my house at 7am..sampai kolej..terus
sambung tido coz after makan2 smalam..i was s0oo..tired!
so i sambung tido until 11am~~ hehe..luckily takde klas..
the only class i have was at 3~4pm.. :)

so tadi..i was s0oo determine la kan..i ajak ijah pegi
jogging..BUT!! she cant go..~dream crashed la kejap ;p
and then i asked jana to go for a jog with me..luckily
she does jog everyday (^0^)/ ~~ so we went for 2 rounds
of walk aroun the bukit expo and one round fully jog!!
(@_@) fua.fua. feel s0oo healthy la today!! hahahah..

~~erin is s0oo determined to get kurus~ like nuren ;p fua.fua.~*

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