Thursday, January 26, 2006

sangat penat!! yes..i got paper smalam and today
ada paper arab and dce..but i sempat nak tulis sket
la...hehe..serious rasa cam nak demam..i think i dah
demam kut..sebab i takde mood nak makan and takde
mood nak baca notes pun!!cepat2 la abis tests ni..
im sick and tired of sleeping in late..and yes!!i
am so0oo screwed if i tak study..sebab im not dat
brilliant..damned those fuckers~ takpe..i grudge la
camni..heheh..and azz..goodness!!i tak pernah pegi
library sepanjang i kat UPM ni..serious!i can't stand
the stillness~ LOL..

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