Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hey people!! im back!! sorry for the l0oong silence..hehe
u know me and my thoughts..kengkadang tak betul..anyways..
as for now..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i got my new resolutions here..
hehe..ok..as for now..i hope..i will not ponteng class again;p
actually sebab my results sux! haha..and then..if kalau boleh
i nak habiskan my meal everytime i makan..no more diet!! lol..
yeah right...but yeap..so far..i made it!coz like at times..i
think like i wasted my rezeki..camne Allah nak bagi rezeki kat
i,kan?so dats my second resolutions..and then..next one is work
my ass out..sebab i nak pi jepun sambung masters!!insyaAllah..
nuren!! matte ne!!! hehe..and yeap..i want to try to be positive
and rajin..(^__^)..insyaAllah..well..wats yours?

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