Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pictures here :) i went to pojoe's brother's wedding which i was
slightly late..or was it really2..late ;p and then we lepak for a
while..makan2 nasi minyak..aba pojoe lak belum we
headed to jana and me teman him for a while..borak2 kejap..
pastu we headed to klia..

so then..he sent us off kat klia coz im gonna sleepover there for
3days..and lucky me...coz memang janji ngan kak yan nak meet her up
kat klia coz she balik today!!yeay!!! and yeap!!! we met up!!and i
got to see arisa rena for the first time!!!she is s0oo..adorable..
tembam..chubby bie!!!and then we took some pictures and lepak2 for a
while kat burger king..and jana hafta go home and like aroun 10.30pm
kak yan hafta head home..(her journey still jauh..coz she hafta head
to batu pahat) nice of her to lepak kejap and borak2 wif us..(^_-)

i was s0oo thrilled!! to finally dapat jumpa si kenit arisa rena!!!
and i dapat pocky again!!! hehe..kak yan bawak form japan..tenkiu..
i will upload the pictures later..

~~today is my happy day...(^__^)v

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