Friday, December 02, 2005

wahahaha!!!my mum just got back from ozzy..and yes,besides
the fact that i was sad that i can't be there..BUT..hehehe
guess wat i got in return?!!! yep..i ot LOADS of stuffs!!!
goodness!!thank you pa n ma!!i told her if she couldnt get
a perfume for me just buy me the usual koala bear like the
usual keychains..instead..i got this HUGE koala bear!!:)
its really cute..u cant see the one wif 2 anaks hugging her
hehe..i named her KOKO..the koala bear..hehehe...and yes!i
got this cute pink t-shirt from melbourne..i terus pakai..
and menggayakannye..hehehe..i saw muy mums pictures taken in!!!! teringin plak nak pegi..but takpe..i've
been in tokyo!!!lagi best!!! kan NUREN?!!!hehehehe...

suddenly kan..i misses japan A LOT..hehehe.wait for me~~ ;p

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