Tuesday, December 27, 2005

wow!! i wonder how long has it been..went put wif lela
twice..(^_^) seronot!!hehe..and then the second time was..
hmm..ouh! i met madine and aishah..it was great la..mimi was
there too!had fun!

wow!! had been really..really..busy and hectic!!tak larat betul!
my uncle just got engaged and my cousins are all here and gosh!
god knows how busy was I..and yupe! damn...tired!! ;p

wanna tell u the story and all..but im like s0oo..tired today..
will keep u updated later..plus! i got pictures of arisa rena!!
but i forgot to upload yet!..sowie..

anyways..nuren..if you read this..this time of the year is the
worst part and the best! coz i misses you a LOT and i misses
all the time we had in JAPAN..kaeritai!!! banyak benda dah jadi
nuren..wish we can chat like we used to..hey..we can still chat
wat..just dat u yang busy sangat... ;( hehe

well..will surely write more..hey..lel,if you read this..hope
to see you before you balik..again..hehe..mmuahss!! and azz!!
bila balik? denise..if dah balik..call aku aa..(^__^)>

p/s: rasa cam nak tukar layout ler..hehe

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