Saturday, December 31, 2005

31st!!dats the most important date in my
life..yep! besides its my father's birthday..its the day i
fell for azu..really hard...maybe some of you who read this
seemed to not know who is azu..let me just say that azu is
something that i want to push far..far..away from my thots..
its the worst nightmare i had in japan..i thought dat living
in my dreams is always cottoncandy..never thought dat there's

however,this is my new year's resolution..let bygones,b bygones.
(lela's favourite quote ;) ) and yes,leaving azu way...behind is
the only way for me to move forward..its not like the end of the
world..however,i will always look back on him as lesson in my IS blind..i was blinded and you know wat..? at times
i just have to remind myself dat life is not always about me.. ~*

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