Saturday, December 03, 2005


woah!! today i went to rina's house with jana and sofia!it
was really fun!!hehehe..rina ajak datang for we
just came in just in eat all the rice and chicken
and yupe!home made jelly or was it pudding..?(?__?) hmm...
anyways..rina was fighting with her sister about her jelly
tak she letak terus dalam freezer.hehehe..turned
out it was ok (^__-)v but the best part was the choco keki!
oishikatta!!! (^0^)/ kan jenot?!

and then we headed to lepak at taipan's
usual..the gossip fols..sila lah bergossip..heheh..we talked
about recent updates..ehem2..rina's breakup..was it..?hehe..
shh...the gossip folks went wild.. ;p we borak from 6.00
until dah cam late 7pm..well most of the time..i think we
were only the listener but hell yeah!!minah ni memang pandai
bercerita la..salute!!!we all glued to the chair!!even i nak
pi toilet pun dia tak bagi..haha..but yeah..sums up!we had a
BLAST!!! siap ada pictures craze lagiee.....(^__-)v

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