Wednesday, December 07, 2005

yesterday i got a call from lela..saying that her mum was
tenat..i was shocked to hear her vpice and to hear the news..
i dunno wat to do..i dunno how to react..i just did my best
telling her i will be wif her by i tried my best
to pray as hard as i can and read the yasin for her mum as
that was the only thing i can do for her last nite...

and dat was last for 10.56 am..lela called
me and told me dat her mum had passed away..i was shocked and
unspeakable..i dunno wat to say..and so is alel..she sounded
sad and shivered..i hurriedly rush my parents to her house..
so parents and i went to lela's house and we vistied
arwah for the last i entered the room..the is no words
i can i was totally in tears..i saw kak yana and her
cousins were sitting at the tears..

as my mum and i neared the jenazah..i cant hold my tears any i read the yasin to tears..i saw lela before
coming in the house..i hugged her and angah...i can see angah,
along and lela were standing there..being strong..i bet n im sure
they ARE strong..after reading the dad hafta head
back to i hafta leave..however,as i was about to
leave..i didnt see lela..but i know i will meet her again later..
today..i was sad..and im is lela and her family..
let us together sedekahkan alfatihah to her mum..semoga dia
ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman..

~~today i lost a good mother of a good friend of mine..may her
rest in peace and may Allah bless her...AMIN...

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