Saturday, December 31, 2005

31st!!dats the most important date in my
life..yep! besides its my father's birthday..its the day i
fell for azu..really hard...maybe some of you who read this
seemed to not know who is azu..let me just say that azu is
something that i want to push far..far..away from my thots..
its the worst nightmare i had in japan..i thought dat living
in my dreams is always cottoncandy..never thought dat there's

however,this is my new year's resolution..let bygones,b bygones.
(lela's favourite quote ;) ) and yes,leaving azu way...behind is
the only way for me to move forward..its not like the end of the
world..however,i will always look back on him as lesson in my IS blind..i was blinded and you know wat..? at times
i just have to remind myself dat life is not always about me.. ~*

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

wow!! i wonder how long has it been..went put wif lela
twice..(^_^) seronot!!hehe..and then the second time was..
hmm..ouh! i met madine and was great la..mimi was
there too!had fun!

wow!! had been really..really..busy and hectic!!tak larat betul!
my uncle just got engaged and my cousins are all here and gosh!
god knows how busy was I..and yupe! damn...tired!! ;p

wanna tell u the story and all..but im like s0oo..tired today..
will keep u updated! i got pictures of arisa rena!!
but i forgot to upload yet!..sowie..

anyways..nuren..if you read this..this time of the year is the
worst part and the best! coz i misses you a LOT and i misses
all the time we had in JAPAN..kaeritai!!! banyak benda dah jadi
nuren..wish we can chat like we used to..hey..we can still chat
wat..just dat u yang busy sangat... ;( hehe

well..will surely write more..hey..lel,if you read this..hope
to see you before you balik..again..hehe..mmuahss!! and azz!!
bila balik? denise..if dah aku aa..(^__^)>

p/s: rasa cam nak tukar layout ler..hehe

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

yesterday i got a call from lela..saying that her mum was
tenat..i was shocked to hear her vpice and to hear the news..
i dunno wat to do..i dunno how to react..i just did my best
telling her i will be wif her by i tried my best
to pray as hard as i can and read the yasin for her mum as
that was the only thing i can do for her last nite...

and dat was last for 10.56 am..lela called
me and told me dat her mum had passed away..i was shocked and
unspeakable..i dunno wat to say..and so is alel..she sounded
sad and shivered..i hurriedly rush my parents to her house..
so parents and i went to lela's house and we vistied
arwah for the last i entered the room..the is no words
i can i was totally in tears..i saw kak yana and her
cousins were sitting at the tears..

as my mum and i neared the jenazah..i cant hold my tears any i read the yasin to tears..i saw lela before
coming in the house..i hugged her and angah...i can see angah,
along and lela were standing there..being strong..i bet n im sure
they ARE strong..after reading the dad hafta head
back to i hafta leave..however,as i was about to
leave..i didnt see lela..but i know i will meet her again later..
today..i was sad..and im is lela and her family..
let us together sedekahkan alfatihah to her mum..semoga dia
ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman..

~~today i lost a good mother of a good friend of mine..may her
rest in peace and may Allah bless her...AMIN...

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pictures here :) i went to pojoe's brother's wedding which i was
slightly late..or was it really2..late ;p and then we lepak for a
while..makan2 nasi minyak..aba pojoe lak belum we
headed to jana and me teman him for a while..borak2 kejap..
pastu we headed to klia..

so then..he sent us off kat klia coz im gonna sleepover there for
3days..and lucky me...coz memang janji ngan kak yan nak meet her up
kat klia coz she balik today!!yeay!!! and yeap!!! we met up!!and i
got to see arisa rena for the first time!!!she is s0oo..adorable..
tembam..chubby bie!!!and then we took some pictures and lepak2 for a
while kat burger king..and jana hafta go home and like aroun 10.30pm
kak yan hafta head home..(her journey still jauh..coz she hafta head
to batu pahat) nice of her to lepak kejap and borak2 wif us..(^_-)

i was s0oo thrilled!! to finally dapat jumpa si kenit arisa rena!!!
and i dapat pocky again!!! hehe..kak yan bawak form japan..tenkiu..
i will upload the pictures later..

~~today is my happy day...(^__^)v

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Saturday, December 03, 2005


woah!! today i went to rina's house with jana and sofia!it
was really fun!!hehehe..rina ajak datang for we
just came in just in eat all the rice and chicken
and yupe!home made jelly or was it pudding..?(?__?) hmm...
anyways..rina was fighting with her sister about her jelly
tak she letak terus dalam freezer.hehehe..turned
out it was ok (^__-)v but the best part was the choco keki!
oishikatta!!! (^0^)/ kan jenot?!

and then we headed to lepak at taipan's
usual..the gossip fols..sila lah bergossip..heheh..we talked
about recent updates..ehem2..rina's breakup..was it..?hehe..
shh...the gossip folks went wild.. ;p we borak from 6.00
until dah cam late 7pm..well most of the time..i think we
were only the listener but hell yeah!!minah ni memang pandai
bercerita la..salute!!!we all glued to the chair!!even i nak
pi toilet pun dia tak bagi..haha..but yeah..sums up!we had a
BLAST!!! siap ada pictures craze lagiee.....(^__-)v

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Friday, December 02, 2005

wahahaha!!!my mum just got back from ozzy..and yes,besides
the fact that i was sad that i can't be there..BUT..hehehe
guess wat i got in return?!!! yep..i ot LOADS of stuffs!!!
goodness!!thank you pa n ma!!i told her if she couldnt get
a perfume for me just buy me the usual koala bear like the
usual keychains..instead..i got this HUGE koala bear!!:)
its really cute..u cant see the one wif 2 anaks hugging her
hehe..i named her KOKO..the koala bear..hehehe...and yes!i
got this cute pink t-shirt from melbourne..i terus pakai..
and menggayakannye..hehehe..i saw muy mums pictures taken in!!!! teringin plak nak pegi..but takpe..i've
been in tokyo!!!lagi best!!! kan NUREN?!!!hehehehe...

suddenly kan..i misses japan A LOT..hehehe.wait for me~~ ;p

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