Monday, November 28, 2005

mak aih!!!finally im at parents coming home 2moro..
yatta!!and guess wat?!!i got parcel from JAPAN!!!i got it from
yuki!!!! i tot it was just a small parcel..when i got back..i
saw this HUGE box..full with pocky!!!!in about 10 boxes..wif
all sorts of flavour..there's strawberry,goma,chocs,coffee and
goodness!!! she sent me necklace and dolls!!cute keychains like
hello kitty,doraemon and also peanuts!!!i was thrilled!!! and
dahla rite after i got the parcel..i went and watch harry potter
dat nite!! it was my HAPPY day!!!hehehe...i tot nak letak gamba
parcel tuh..if u see it..u will excited too!!so0oo cute and best!
hehehe..anyways..nanti i put the pictures ok..

dat day went to sofia's open was fun la..lepak wif my
bro and then when we were busy eating like the 3rd round..then
rina came!!goodness!!lama gell tak jumpa rina and then we went
n mengumpat..the usual gossip folks..heheh..miss her la..and the
chatty us..she invited us to her open house next week..yeay!!im
sure its gonna be fun!! (^0^)/

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