Friday, November 18, 2005

hey2..check this out!!its my new phone!!im love
wif this phone..(^__-)v its a gift from my dad!!love u pa!
heheh..susah tau i nak pujuk him to get me a camera phone
;p so it now!got it before raya..masa tuh teman
my dad beli fon..pastu i plak nyebuk..hehe..btw,cute,kan?
i tak sempat nak take the real pic one i get the
model pic from the net.. (^__-)v

anyway..its been s00oo hot here in malaysia!!feels like
kinda lazy to get out and i decided to stay in
room je..but although inside the room..goodness!like a
stove tau..boiling..every 3hrs sure nak shower..

esok my parents nak pi ozzy..huhu...di saat2 i needed them
ni..dah lah tengah exam week nie..(>__<) and then esok my
war begins..4 days in a row..mak!!!!wish me luck!!finger

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