Thursday, November 24, 2005

okies..okies..i decided to tukar layout plak..hehe..
yang ni cam cute nice color..if tak my
layout cam slalu dull and black
exams finally abish..yippie!!smalam borak ngan
pojoe nak dekat 2hrs..sedar2..dah kul 3 lebey..pastu
i cant sleep and decided to play games..haha..and
accompany dayah to stay she got 2 papers..
sedar2 dah kul 4 pagi..wahahah..and err..sila lepas
subuh..hihihihi (^__-)v

btw,yesterday got jamuan raya with the
was nice la..i ate nasi impit,lodeh and kuah kacang.
and laksa too!!wahahah!!sooo was
really delicious maa..i thot i want to eat rendang..
takdela plak..waaaa...coz during raya dat day i cant
eat dat much..coz my wisdom tooth came i
cant enjoy th food! :( anyway,after i ate at the
jamuan raya..i went like a pyhton..all full!!haha..
btw,i'm going back tomorrow...not dat looking forward..
coz mama n papa's not at home..but im watching harry
potter tomorrow nite!!mid nite movie!!wif my sibblings
:)yatta!!..ok then..i got things to do..dis saturday..
got sofia's open house..will take pictures and keep
u update later,aite (^__-)v

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