Monday, November 28, 2005

mak aih!!!finally im at parents coming home 2moro..
yatta!!and guess wat?!!i got parcel from JAPAN!!!i got it from
yuki!!!! i tot it was just a small parcel..when i got back..i
saw this HUGE box..full with pocky!!!!in about 10 boxes..wif
all sorts of flavour..there's strawberry,goma,chocs,coffee and
goodness!!! she sent me necklace and dolls!!cute keychains like
hello kitty,doraemon and also peanuts!!!i was thrilled!!! and
dahla rite after i got the parcel..i went and watch harry potter
dat nite!! it was my HAPPY day!!!hehehe...i tot nak letak gamba
parcel tuh..if u see it..u will excited too!!so0oo cute and best!
hehehe..anyways..nanti i put the pictures ok..

dat day went to sofia's open was fun la..lepak wif my
bro and then when we were busy eating like the 3rd round..then
rina came!!goodness!!lama gell tak jumpa rina and then we went
n mengumpat..the usual gossip folks..heheh..miss her la..and the
chatty us..she invited us to her open house next week..yeay!!im
sure its gonna be fun!! (^0^)/

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

okies..okies..i decided to tukar layout plak..hehe..
yang ni cam cute nice color..if tak my
layout cam slalu dull and black
exams finally abish..yippie!!smalam borak ngan
pojoe nak dekat 2hrs..sedar2..dah kul 3 lebey..pastu
i cant sleep and decided to play games..haha..and
accompany dayah to stay she got 2 papers..
sedar2 dah kul 4 pagi..wahahah..and err..sila lepas
subuh..hihihihi (^__-)v

btw,yesterday got jamuan raya with the
was nice la..i ate nasi impit,lodeh and kuah kacang.
and laksa too!!wahahah!!sooo was
really delicious maa..i thot i want to eat rendang..
takdela plak..waaaa...coz during raya dat day i cant
eat dat much..coz my wisdom tooth came i
cant enjoy th food! :( anyway,after i ate at the
jamuan raya..i went like a pyhton..all full!!haha..
btw,i'm going back tomorrow...not dat looking forward..
coz mama n papa's not at home..but im watching harry
potter tomorrow nite!!mid nite movie!!wif my sibblings
:)yatta!!..ok then..i got things to do..dis saturday..
got sofia's open house..will take pictures and keep
u update later,aite (^__-)v

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

goodness!!!finally its over!!i had been gone thru
such hectic weeks!!!well..yeap!! MERDEKA!(^0^)/ hehe
yesterday went back to ttdi..made some farewell makan2
at my house for my room mates coz they're leaving this
eyar..depa dah abis final year ma..anyways..we went
n buy pizza hut and then we head to my house and i
cooked spagetti!!yum2..its been a while...dah lama
tak masak and makan spageti..hehehe...

we lazed aroun until petang..then we head home... ;p
it was kat ozzy..miss her..(>__<)

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Friday, November 18, 2005

hey2..check this out!!its my new phone!!im love
wif this phone..(^__-)v its a gift from my dad!!love u pa!
heheh..susah tau i nak pujuk him to get me a camera phone
;p so it now!got it before raya..masa tuh teman
my dad beli fon..pastu i plak nyebuk..hehe..btw,cute,kan?
i tak sempat nak take the real pic one i get the
model pic from the net.. (^__-)v

anyway..its been s00oo hot here in malaysia!!feels like
kinda lazy to get out and i decided to stay in
room je..but although inside the room..goodness!like a
stove tau..boiling..every 3hrs sure nak shower..

esok my parents nak pi ozzy..huhu...di saat2 i needed them
ni..dah lah tengah exam week nie..(>__<) and then esok my
war begins..4 days in a row..mak!!!!wish me luck!!finger

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

dah lama tak menaip blog kat laptop..haritu laptop rosak..
sengal tol..sedey pun ada..sebab dah built in japan..pastu
tetiba rosak..ada data kebenda file corrupt..actually it
was a small matter like i can fix it by myself la kan..
but guess wat..?i tak tahu camne nak almost
2 weeks i tak on laptop and do my thang..i miss my ol' laptop
yang tak disentuh by dat time..watever files i
received in japanese can be read..the japanese character la..
but now...i can only read wat i type je..*sob*sob*

well..nak buat camne..file dah corrupt..but i like it now jugak
la..coz tak banyak differ..syam yang baiki tu tambah adobe
program!adobe photshop plus macromedia flash!!besh!!
hehehe..tenkiu syam..(^__-)v (note:that syam cute cam cine..tapi
mamat ni blur2 la sket..buhring..but cute*gags*)

aritu borak n mitch!!borak guna headphone..
pergh!!like doing an interview with the vampire..except dat
it was interview with japanese for dummies nyer pelakon (dats
me la kan..heheh..) mak nihonggo had gone all rusty la..
kinda scarry..but hait!!ganbarimasu!! (^0^)/

yesterday i watched cute lil angel..thru webcam..
talked to kak yan..arisa..my2..she's all grown up..well she's
only 3months..but all chubby!!cute!!i saw her being all grumpy..
sian kak yan..dahla comey!hehehe and gosh!!jess datang aritu..
and her baby!! lara tej kaur..cute kan nama dia?!gosh!my fren
dah ada anak..3 bulan!!i can't believe it!!even masa i jumpa
jess pun cam terkejut!!she cam mak orang!!SHE IS,by the way.. ;p
my goodness!!time flies so fast!!lusa my exams starts balik..
gtg..need to read LOADS!! ~~ later

*~i tengok ungu violet for the 5th time..suke la muvi tu!!(^_-)v

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

hey2..rehat jap..been online but takde masa nak update
blog..heheh..this is the new layout..bohemian garden..
achehcheh..but yippie!! i liek purple..its not either
pink or blue..its the mix of it..hehe..

been soo0oo lazy..tak study pun...ingatkan nak start
today..but not sure..petang sket kut..tak lunch cam lapar..hahah..and talked ot like
soo0oo lazy to even lift the cover of my book!hahaha..
but i hafta la today.coz esok lusa tulat and so on dah
start paper..mama and papa plak nak pi ozzy..huhuh..
and POJOE!!! he's coming back!!yatta!!(^0^)/

tengok cite ungu violet kut..i went all purple craze!! was such a nice movie..i watched twice..and
planning to watch again! and i watch gol dan gincu for
like 4 kali!!giler!! hahah..nice la..for a malay movie..
dah start to ada quality! syabas!! (^___^)v

gotta go..nak lunch..hehe..later~*~~ saje nak wish skali

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

~~okies..gamba raya~~ pictures

hi!!selamat hari raya!!best balik raya kampung..tapi
kena geraham bongsu nak tumbuh plak..sakit!!takleh nak
enjoy raya..

semapt jumpa che..tapi tak tangkap tengok
gamba raya azz..jealous..meriah nak
lawan ni..huhuhu..tapi takpe..raya ngan family lagi
best..and azz..btw,ni my raya picture!! i tau la gamba
u lagi best..ada amir..hehehe..and LELA!!! mak aih!!
rindu her!!(^3^)

esok start finals..risau gak..dah 3jam online..borak2..
huhuhuhu..okla..nanti i letak gamba raya..dah upload..
belum susun..heheh..selamat hari raya!! maaf zahir batin!
~*wish me luck finals!! ganbatte imasu!

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