Monday, October 10, 2005

wah..selamat meyambut ramadhan..its already the
6th of ramadhan..and it was a OK so far..(^_-) smlm
buka puasa at was fun!!haha..we went der
like quite early and then we went like waiting for
half an hour for break fasting..we thought dat we
shud come sooner..but seeing the crowd..being early
was safer la..

we ate nasi ayam of coz! and sup perut and kailan ikan
masin..our usual was like eating in
open u can feel the 'suasana'..haha..
and like u can see la the people with loads of kerenah..
time buka puasa.. thing for waiting for another week..
and its freedom for me!!yeay!! freedom from what...?
hmm..i guess u just hafta wait..(^__-)v

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