Tuesday, September 13, 2005

halu...erin's back..ala..everyday pun ada nyer..hehe..
today classes ends at one..hmm..chat wif miyabi just
now..she's a ducth..living in japan..her picture..hmm..
i only remember her face from my memory jer..hehe...
she's cute la..

anyway..today i nak post about my angels..haa..his name
is iman.he's kak farah's son..turning 3 this 18th sept.
this cute lil guy..hai..if he's big..i kawin wif him..
hehe..cute,kan?chinese look of coz!!met him before he
went back to japan the othe day..and here is pulak my
another new angel..hehe..arisa rena..anak kak yan and
abg walid chou kawaii!!! was borned last 16th august..
cute kan?!!with the pooh and all..so yeah..here are my
angels...mmuahss!! (^3^)

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