Friday, September 30, 2005

its been a while!!well..yupe..its not snow in MALAYSIA!!
but its yuki san!!hehe..yupe!yuki chang came to malaysia
and stayed with me for a week!!!it was beyond wilderment!!
isnt dat cool?!! she came like on the last friday..and she
just gone home to Japan last wednesday..

it was really fun having her in malaysia..she is soo..chou!!
kawaii!!hehehe..we went like 'jalan jalan cari makan' almost
everyday..and ehem2..i even flunk my test for that..hell!!;p
but it was ok..i was having a BLAST!! thanx to fizz and lela!!
mmuahss!!! coz made it happening for her too!\(^0^)/ and yeah
we went like shopping was fun..!!

and of coz!!i hafta speak japanese everyday!!makes me feel like
i want to go back there!!(T_T) tsk*tsk* huhuh..but it was fun
la..i ajak her makan nasi ayam..sate..tomyam..and all those
spicy food..and HAHAHAHA..after 3 days..she went to langkawi..
and right after langkawi..she cme back and tell me.."erin..
saya cirit-birit.." (^__-)v chou kawaii!!! kawaiiso ne!!ahaks!!
gomen ne yuki chag..shiranakatta..tapi after langkawi..we got
like only one night to spend together..and so dat night we
lepak2..and watch the queer eye for a straight eye..and hehe.
we went and mengutuk all those gays..hahaha..she had never
seen gay people before!!! even in JAPAN!! wow!!

all in all..i had a great week!!i miss her..and i miss JAPAN too!!
i wish..i would be there now..(+__+)

++pictures:(^0-)v ++

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