Wednesday, August 24, 2005

hola..many things had happened for the past
few was really stressful weeks
for the past 2 weeks actually..well,it was
my examination was catastrophic!!
fewh!!finally its over and yupe! i can finally
laze aroun..but not for long la..(^__-)v

anyways,my parents and my sis went to korea
and missing them!! A LOT!! hahaha..
i mean..its kinda weird when my mom didnt
call me to check on me..although it wasnt
me who checked on her all these while..*gags* i know la huh?;p

oh yeah!!abg walid and kak yan got a new
baby gal!!omedetou!!! her name is arisa
rena..pretty name,huh?and kinda kewl too!
(^__-)v she was borned on the 16th of August
..welcome to the world!! ur one cute baby!
(^__^)/ yokosou!!

check out the baby!

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